Why Purple Mattress Is Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps one of the most common medical conditions treated by doctors today. There are numerous causes of back pain, the most common is muscle strain that results from extreme pressure on your back muscles. Others causes include: damage of the intervertebral disc, constriction of the spinal canal, arthritis of the lumber spine and osteoporosis. Day to day habits can greatly affect your spine health. Sitting and sleeping posture dictate the health of your entire body skeleton, and improper postures lead directly to back pain. Back pain caused by your sleeping habits can be directly related to the mattress you use. Choosing the best mattress for back pain can save you a great deal on doctor’s office visits, medications, and daily discomfort.

Who Experiences Back Pain?

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According to medical experts, back pain can affect 80% of all individuals in their lifetime. Individuals at a higher risk of experiencing back pain are those who do manual labor or heavy lifting on a daily basis. Men and women between the ages of thirty and sixty are also at a higher risk. Other types of individuals who often experience some form of back pain are athletes, computer users, and those on their feet for extended periods of time. Individuals with moderate to severe back pain are estimated to spend over $90 billion every year on correcting this condition with an estimated 28.9 % of it going to managing the condition daily.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain:

Firmness – Depending on how severe your back pain is, a mattress with medium firmness can ensure your back is provided with proper support to avoid straining the back muscles.

Support – The mattress should be able to offer tolerance to your body parts and allow for the natural form and structure positioning of your skeleton, muscles and spine.

Bed Frame – A strong, sturdy bed frame will aid the performance of your mattress.

Size – Choose a mattress to accommodate your size with enough space to ensure you don’t restrict your position when sleeping with a partner.

Comfort – Choosing a mattress that gives you peace and comfort may reduce unnecessary strain your body.

Price – You may need to spend a little more to upgrade to a better quality mattress.

Advantages of Using a Purple Mattress:

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both a healthy body and a sound mind.

Obtaining a good sleeping posture ensures your entire body skeleton is relaxed, thus avoiding the chance of bone and muscle strain commonly associated with sleeping on a poor quality mattress.

Provides the safest support for your body ensuring you sleep soundly without feeling tired or attracting common health problems like headaches.

Purple Mattresses to Relieve Back Pain Discomfort:

tempurpedicmattress1. Tempurpedic – A  manufacturer that provides a wide range of bedding products from pillows to memory foam mattresses that are of very high quality. Using patented technology, Tempur material reacts to the body’s shape, weight and temperature to create continuous support and comfort. The durability of their products is what attracts millions of buyers seeking the best mattress for back pain. Sleep experts often recommend Tempurpedic products to their patients.

  1. Purple mattress – A brand of quality mattresses specifically for back pain problems using an exclusive Purple technology, a non-toxic material that senses painful pressure points and relaxes them while providing firm back support. Purple products are made from high quality materials for durability, support and comfort to relieve muscle strain. Read more about Purple mattress here.

sealyposturepedic3. Sealy Posturepedic – A unbiased purple mattress reviews line that provides consistent comfort and support for your back with a 98% spring density that retains its normal resistance over an extended period of time. Postuerpedic mattresses feature a CoreSuppport Center to provide additional support to the upper body, shoulders and spine. This level of support may help provide improvements in lower back pain. These mattresses have the highest ratings due to their excellence overall performance.

  1. Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed – An adjustable air mattress bed that allows the user to increase or decrease the firmness by adjusting the air pressure. The Sleep Number beds also allow for separate firmness adjustment on either bed side. Select Comfort also carries a memory foam version of the Sleep Number bed.

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