Bestmixer is a tumbler for Bitcoin which cares about your security

Description: Mix Bitcoins with Bestmixer if you want to stay protected from cybercriminals and new strict laws. Today we’ll describe all steps users need to make to be anonymous in transacting cryptocurrency using the mentioned service.

Almost everyone has heard that it’s not secure to transact and earn Bitcoins now. As cryptocurrency became wide-spread a lot of robbers have appeared. Let’s find out how to use Bestmixer to stay protected from being robbed.


Make 5 steps to start mixing

It’s very easy to use Bestmixer as a tumbler for Bitcoin, just follow the steps:
1. Press the “Start Mixing!” button.
2. Choose the necessary currency. We’ll choose Bitcoin as an example.
3. Then enter the receiving address (it will be deleted in 24 hours, don’t be afraid).
4. Choose the pool where the coins will be mixed in. There are three of them: Alpha, Beta and Gamma.
5. Set the transfer delay.

After that they’ll generate the incoming address and your coins will be mixed.

Is it really anonymous?

Clients choose Bestmixer because of protection it gives. The service is SSL protected, Tor-friendly, they send letters of guarantee, confirm all transactions and keep all personal data hidden from anybody. So there’s no doubt all cryptocurrency will be mixed with random coins and people won’t get their own Bitcoins back.

Things which make Bestmixer so special

There are many other features which attract our attention. For example, the ability to integrate this tumbler to any website. On the website ( it’s easy to find everything website owners should know about Bestmixer API, all documents are open and free.

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